Wildlife management & training

The effective management of wildlife at an airport and in the surrounding area is necessary to prevent the risk of strikes with aircrafts and thus ensure the safety of passengers.

Groupe Prévost-Fortin Inc. is a member of the Bird Strike Association of Canada and has a seat on the committee concerning environmental issues related to airports created by the Réseau Québécois des Aéroports (RQA). We run a kiosk every year at the RQA’s annual symposium to offer our services in wildlife management.

We are familiar with the airport sector and we have the expertise needed to provide the right solutions to fit your needs with regard to wildlife management at your airport.


We are a member of:

Wildlife management plan

The Airport Wildlife Management Plan (AWMP) allows us to generate a portrait of the situation at an airport, evaluate the risks related to the wildlife species that are present and come up with recommendations (passive and active methods) with the aim of limiting potential dangers. According to Transport Canada requirements (CARs 302, Standard 322), most airports must have a AWMP, which must be updated every 2 years to make sure it contains current information.

Our biologists and technicians are able to develop and deliver a complete AWMP which meets Transport Canada requirements and provides airport managers with the tools necessary to guarantee the safety of passengers and crew members.


According to the Canadian Aviation Regulations, it is essential and required that an airport’s staff be trained adequately in order to implement the Airport Wildlife Management Plan. Groupe Prévost-Fortin Inc. has a deep understanding of all subjects pertaining to wildlife management and offers training courses that meet Transport Canada requirements. These training courses are intended for airport staff and operators, and must be renewed every 5 years.

Training includes, among others, information on laws and regulations, species ecology, habitat management, off-airport land uses, passive and active wildlife control measures, monitoring, firearm safety and the use of pyrotechnics. Practical training workshops can also be conducted.

Wildlife management program

Groupe Prévost-Fortin Inc. has the expertise to guide and support airport operators and staff members in the implementation of passive and active measures according to their Airport Wildlife Management Plan. We can provide counselling to make sure that your team will apply the recommended management techniques adequately.

Our biologists and technicians can also perform wildlife management operations at your airport: bird abatement, capture and relocation, installation of exclusion devices, sterilization program, wildlife surveys, etc.

Our team of dogs and birds of prey is specially trained for bird abatement and constitutes a major asset in ensuring bird control!