Aviary control

For many years now, Groupe Prévost-Fortin Inc. has been providing services to major landfills in the province of Québec. Landfills can be sought after by “pest” bird species such as gulls that are looking for feeding and resting areas. These birds can quickly become loyal visitors at a landfill if adequate management methods aren’t put in place. The presence of gulls at a landfill can cause an important inconvenience for local residents whose property is located along the travel corridors of these birds. They can also present a hazard for the health and safety of the employees on site; flocks of birds can reduce visibility for heavy machinery operators and feces can become an important health issue.

It is therefore important that landfill managers implement a “pest” bird control program. Our biologists and technicians specialized in this sector of activity will be able to assist you.

Population study / Bird abatement program

It is possible to reduce bird traffic at a landfill by implementing passive and active management methods. In order to plan an effective management strategy, it is highly recommended to do a population study and monitoring of problematic bird species at the site. Assessing their behaviour is also necessary to understanding their habits at a specific landfill.

One of Groupe Prévost-Fortin Inc.’s specialities is the use of trained birds of prey for bird control. Gulls, among other species, instantly recognize natural predators such as hawks and falcons and perceive their presence as a real threat with tangible consequences, which means that they never habituate to it. This method is therefore very effective. Pyrotechnics are also often used as a deterrent, as are other additional management techniques. The purpose of this combination of methods is to reduce the landfill’s attractivity for birds and maintain a good control over bird traffic.

Our team can carry out a population study and elaborate a tailored and effective wildlife management program that includes sustainable solutions, in accordance with the site manager’s specific objectives. Furthermore, we analyze the data obtained in order to constantly improve the results of the management strategy.


Groupe Prévost-Fortin Inc. offers training to landfill managers and staff members to teach them about wildlife management issues related to their sector of activity. Several training courses are available: implementing passive measures, using active techniques (including the safe use of pyrotechnics) as well as the laws that regulate wildlife management activities. Our approach is personalized and based on our client’s needs.